11 May 2007

Chopin's ballads

Only they can comfort me today it seems. I just put the cd on the computer since my radio/cd-player doesn't play cds anymore (I won't throw it out just because the cd player doesn't work!).

And I think I've fallen in love with Blogger and all the neat little features to mold it into your own page!

Yeah, I don't have much to say really. Today I've been cleaning the house, computer and garden for most of my day and spent it mostly on my own, so naturally I start talking to myself in my pretty new blog...

I'm trying out some styles and colours for necklaces for friends, and hope to work a bit on my website but I have to juggle with my time and energy.

05 May 2007

hello world ;-)

About time my own site got info in a foreign language... So far it's all in Dutch, which makes sense since most of my artistic activities are limited to Flanders, Belgium...but with me writing and updating only in Dutch I left out my international contacts...so this is to make it up to you! ;-)

On the menu on the right you have some links to my 2007 jewelry collections. In time I'll add more: to my glass art, photos, webdesign and who knows what else!

And in the "mini me" section you can find some interesting bits, pages I made over the years about subjects I'm passionate about, especially archetypal (Jungian) psychology, mythology, fairy tales...they influence my artwork and the tradition of storytelling is as rich and as old as that of jewelry/body adornment. They go hand in hand for me: packed with symbolic meaning their language is immediately understood by the soul, by the unconscious and you can savour them over time and discover new levels of meaning to them.

Ok, now I've done my best to confuse you all, LOL. Nevermind, just remember I love fairy tales and make jewelry. :-p

I also suffer from CFS, which explains the gaps between posts and creations.

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