13 November 2009

glassy inspiration at the British Museum

A short trip to London with visits to the British Museum, the National Gallery, The British Library, and a wonderful concert by candlelight & Fauré's Requiem in St Martin in the Fields...

Yeah, I got my cultural fix alright.  ;-)


Tiffany's Favrile glass


a brooch by Lalique

Roman glass

Roman murrine brooch

Minoan gold

DSC_3998 detail

goddess figurines -phi & psi


Cycladic statuettes

The rest of the pictures are on Flickr/London set and the label inspiration takes you to my other cultural expeditions...

07 November 2009

simplicity on aarghh.be

site 2010 screencap - simplicity!
Despite all the name changes...
This is the new look for http://www.aarghh.be/
The picture changes when you refresh the page. Can you find out how many there are? ;-)

Here are some of the old skins...it seems like ages ago!



The changelings:

blog --- http://kristienberghs.blogspot.com/
twitter --- http://twitter.com/kristienberghs
friendfeed --- http://friendfeed.com/kristienberghs
librarything --- http://www.librarything.com/catalog/kristienberghs
myglassart --- http://www.myglassart.org/kristienberghs

facebook --- http://www.facebook.com/kberghs

The ones that remain the same -because it's not possible to change the name unless I delete the account (which I won't!):

flickr --- http://www.flickr.com/photos/artemissne/
dawanda --- http://en.dawanda.com/shop/artemissne

etsy ---http://www.etsy.com/shop/aarghh

From now on I'll be updating from the new sites. If you're unsure where I'm at, start from http://www.aarghh.be and you'll be fine. Thanks!

What's in a name?

Big news: I've decided to drop artemissne as a name for my creations, and to just use my own. A big step! ;-)

Artemissne has kept me company for about 3 years, and was linked with the screen name I had adopted before: missne. Missne was an elfin character from my favorite children's book by Inger Edelfeldt -mysterious, unknown and perfect for my online life and the rediscovery of my own identity.

logo evolution
So when my creativity started leading its own life, I thought it deserved a name of its own too, a small jump to artemissne. There you had Artemis, missne, and art in it. I liked it.

I designed the logo at that time -a spiral reminding me of my love of fossils and all kinds of stones as a child, natural forms and patterns that still inspire me.

Sometimes you need to take another name to grow into your own. That's what happened, crazy as it may sound: I'm ready to use my own name for my creations. Call me a late bloomer. :-)

So practically that means I'm changing all the artemissne extensions on most websites to kristienberghs, and I apologize beforehand for the bookmark updating troubles. I'll update with a list on this blog.

Aarghh remains aarghh though, so you don't have to worry about the mothership. I don't intend to change the name of my homepage, it has been with me since I first set foot in virtual space in 2001. It refers to a castle in my favorite Monty Python film, and to the various sounds I make when either burning my fingers in the flame, touching hot glass, cutting myself on glass, sanding or sawing or filing off my fingers, nails, nose (1 occasion). That's what you'll get from playing with fire! :-p