29 April 2009

anything but homework!

So Helium Vola released their new cd and it is awesome...a cover with rusty old grubby things, the crystal clear voice of Sabine Lutzenberger and the wicked vision of Ernst Horn who mixes medieval music and electronic avantgarde like it's nothing...
I saw him live at an accoustic Deine Lakaien concert a couple of years ago.

Meanwhile I'm drowning in homework, struggling to finish the report of my library training a month ago in the public library of Ghent...

So naturally I find time to make pictures of the blooming garden and the kitties. Hrmph. Better get back to it...

See ya.

19 April 2009


talisvrouw necklaces
pretty in peridot - Dawanda (talisman-talisvrouw series)

Yay, I listed some new necklaces and earrings on Etsy and Dawanda! It does make me happy when I do, 'cause I haven't found a rhythm to do this on a regular basis yet. I'm in awe of artists who can -for me there's work or school that comes first inevitably, and then there's a loooooong road from the initial idea to the final finished and listed piece of jewelry. Mostly because of practical reasons like the studio still being built up (and the house being renovated) to finding the right (natural) light to photograph and finally, health reasons too. Although I have been feeling stronger than before (touch wood!), that chronic fatigue still requires me to take things easy.

duizendbloem - morrocan blue
morrocan blue - etsy (from the duizendbloem series)

So some of the items you see here, finally finished and ready to set out into the world find their beginnings more than a year or so ago! Go figure.

This one for example, is part of the fairy tale fragments series, which I introduced back in june but only got around finishing a week or so ago. This one is all silver, fused and forged, with gemstones depicting melting ice and blossom petals (please view full size on flickr!):

emerging (through sunlight)
emerging - etsy -and all about Persephone!

I wish I could stop restraining myself and just throw myself into creating full time, but that wouldn't be wise in these economically challenging times...so short, bright bursts it is then...

more bubbles!
budding green - etsy

And there's one more thing: a film tip: Let the right one in. Swedish. A boy and a girl and their friendship (OMG so sweet!). And the occasional severed head (she's a vampire after all).

Loved it. ;-)

08 April 2009

Spring cleaning

Some days I'm just no good. I'm absent-minded, asocial, clumsy, thoughts turned inward and just can't seem to get started even though my to-do list is huge...

It frustrates me initially and I try to fight it, but that doesn't help a thing. I just don't get anything done. Eventually I give up and accept that I'm having one of those days again. Until I realize I have been working all along, the internal clockwork has been busy sweeping, dusting and rearranging old thoughts and ideas.

The morning after feels like this view (from the 6th floor of the public library in Ghent) and I feel ready to tackle whatever comes my way.