08 April 2009

Spring cleaning

Some days I'm just no good. I'm absent-minded, asocial, clumsy, thoughts turned inward and just can't seem to get started even though my to-do list is huge...

It frustrates me initially and I try to fight it, but that doesn't help a thing. I just don't get anything done. Eventually I give up and accept that I'm having one of those days again. Until I realize I have been working all along, the internal clockwork has been busy sweeping, dusting and rearranging old thoughts and ideas.

The morning after feels like this view (from the 6th floor of the public library in Ghent) and I feel ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

1 comment:

  1. AHHH YES , kristien ... there are days when it's hard to see or figure achievement ... so much internalizing and physiological adjustments ... these are worthy days and can count as "spring cleaning" ... love your photo from library building in the early morn ... maybe an in between time ... night shift to day .

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