03 May 2012

fur & whiskers

the Spanish lady: one of my neighbour's cats who's decided to live at my place - this is a
temporary solution because she doesn't play well with other cats and I don't have enough space.
She deserves a good home! Do you know someone who wants a feline companion?

Assepoes is just fur and whiskers...

Yin grooms herself

Isaura's ear - I may have posted a similar photo once but she has such photogenic ears! :-D

So with the exams and deadlines of papers approaching again, things are getting pretty stressful. I really don't like it. But my cats do -I'm spending more time at home, and studying in the sleeping room means they can just make a big kitty pile on the bed while I lecture them about -well, this semester it's Eastern cultural history (topics from Islam, Buddhist art, China's Great Walls, the Tower of Babel and Japanese swordmaking), Ritual aspects of Theatre (Ancient Greek roots of theatre and remnants of ritual elements in contemporary theatre), Art & psychoanalysis...

Well, at least my cats are getting a pretty great education! ;-)

ETA: this is the kittypile.