31 January 2012

desktop calendar for February

Your eye candy for February: Blooming scars (2009) in lampwork glass and found wood.

Desktop calendar for February: click to download!

Glass stems sprouting from cracks in a piece of salvaged wood. It's the same piece you can see on my avatar (here and here).

In the meantime it has been remodeled by two other artists with long whiskers, so this is one of the few photos that remains...

yin & yang
Yin & Yang were once upon a time this cute and innocent...

yin & yang
Artwork Remodelers, who, us?

15 January 2012

Lolly Pop-up!

In less than a week aarghh is coming back to Antwerp for the Lolly Pop-up! I'm showing pins and note cards and earrings, but there's so much more -all wonderful Belgian Etsy designers and creators.

I've got to get back to my rendez-vous with Mr Schopenhauer *sigh* but I'll try to be there on the 21st. See you then! ;-)

Here's a litte sneak preview:
it IS almost Valentine, after all.

red blood cells on a blue china dish

a new release! what could it be...? dot dot dot...

notecards glass garden
note cards!