15 January 2012

Lolly Pop-up!

In less than a week aarghh is coming back to Antwerp for the Lolly Pop-up! I'm showing pins and note cards and earrings, but there's so much more -all wonderful Belgian Etsy designers and creators.

I've got to get back to my rendez-vous with Mr Schopenhauer *sigh* but I'll try to be there on the 21st. See you then! ;-)

Here's a litte sneak preview:
it IS almost Valentine, after all.

red blood cells on a blue china dish

a new release! what could it be...? dot dot dot...

notecards glass garden
note cards!


  1. nog veel courage voor deze week en dan party in Antwerpen ;-) ! Hope to see you there !

  2. Ziet er allemaal super uit! Jammer dat ik niet kan langskomen, maar er zal sowieso wel een foto-verslagje volgen zeker? :-)
    Veel succes and have fun de 21ste!