26 November 2007

new pendant

talisman/talisvrouw hanger
new assymetrical pendant (talisman/talisvrouw) in vetrofond odd tapenade + silver!

20 November 2007

self conscious glass beads

[This is going to be the short version from the Dutch side (sorry) (homework calls; have to finish these tasks for library school -home of the book geeks extraordinaires! ;-) ) (the plan is to become a library assistant by the end of the school year)]

This week's bead treasure:

I don't normally talk about my glass beads. They"re an essential part of my jewelry design, for sure, but I tend to see them as a whole with the silver elements, the stone beads, the "whiskers"...
Only since I got my groovy new torch last summer, my glass beads scream to be exposed. A bit at least, in this very bad scan. It's lots of groovy new Vetrofond mixed colours, copper and shimmers... and some effetre and CiM.

Finished jewelry will have to wait, I have to write some papers now first... :-/

07 November 2007


  • last saturday glassworks had their second open day! how nice it was seeing all the glasspeople again & meeting Sarah Hornik who had come from Israel for the occasion (she had taught classes in the Netherlands and Belgium days before). Her glassbeads are amazing! You have to see them IRL, they're like small sculptures or totems even...
    Also had a little taste in new Vetrofond odd colours -quite literally a new taste because G & Q (of Glassworks) cooked up some yummy names to go with the colours...lovely autumn shades, with subtle copper glitters...
  • I'm a busy bee making new pieces like this talisman/talisvrouw (Reichenbach glass + rutilated quartz, amber and jasper + Thai silver) and this one with goldfish! A mix of vetrofond tangerine (with shimmer) and effetre rosaline & aventurine
  • My site, aarghh.be, is well on its way to shed its old skin! I'm working on a new design with new content (and an English mirror! :-D ) (start of 2008).