20 November 2007

self conscious glass beads

[This is going to be the short version from the Dutch side (sorry) (homework calls; have to finish these tasks for library school -home of the book geeks extraordinaires! ;-) ) (the plan is to become a library assistant by the end of the school year)]

This week's bead treasure:

I don't normally talk about my glass beads. They"re an essential part of my jewelry design, for sure, but I tend to see them as a whole with the silver elements, the stone beads, the "whiskers"...
Only since I got my groovy new torch last summer, my glass beads scream to be exposed. A bit at least, in this very bad scan. It's lots of groovy new Vetrofond mixed colours, copper and shimmers... and some effetre and CiM.

Finished jewelry will have to wait, I have to write some papers now first... :-/

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