13 June 2010

"there's still life in this lady yet!"

- Lestat, dancing with a corpse (Interview with a vampire, from back when they didn't have to sparkle and just could be delightfully evil) (oh, and this cute snippet: Lestat angrily playing a bit of a Haydn sonata -how come the bad guys always have such a great taste in music? :-p )

snails & rose petals

Yes, I'm here! My full time library job and the daily commuting to Antwerp has kept me pretty damn busy since March so everything else had to be postponed (or canceled like library school... :-/ ) for the time being. But it definitely is an enriching experience. And since my contract ends in July I'm gearing up on my new art projects -I'll introduce them in separate posts.

Meanwhile I haven't yet told you about my internship at the Sint-Lucas Library back in February-March. It is part of the Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst with its art and architecture department situated in Ghent. It's the only (Flemish) art college still having a glass program, by the way...

Sint-Lucasbibliotheek Gent

Working in this library (with a nice glass section) felt like being a kid in a candystore! The main library users were art school students and staff, and I loved to observe how most of them used (or rather didn't use) the catalogue and went for their gut feeling and let themselves be inspired by what they found in the stacks (that's how I like to work as well, even for academic purposes - sort of a combination of classical search strategies & intuition/association).
The library also has a neat blog, a librarything with the new acquisitions and a flickr page, and you can like it on FB.

I haven't had much studio time in the past 3 months, but I did manage to snap some kitties, critters and flowers...

Assepoes & the weathered bench
I do love this portrait of Assepoes on the weathered bench though.

And those pretty poppies... check out the original sizes of the garden photos on flickr, and download them if you like!

macro poppy!