31 March 2012

april desktop calendar

april desktop calendar: click to download
Cheerful and minimalistic: a wiggly line of glass marbles! Enjoy!

18 March 2012

square ring continued:

square ring with asymmetric bezel setting (glass murrine)
a clearer view of the murrina (and my weird fingers...)

for once I managed to get the "925" sterling silver stamp level. I have a knack for messing it up, but not this time!
2nd square ring in the making, still smudgy and firescaled after soldering
you'd have to try it on to know how comfortable it wears!

05 March 2012

it's hip to be square

work in progress:

square ring
In between my busy college schedule I found some time to play with the square ring mandrel. I love working with the amorphous pebble shapes but I also like the orderliness of a (rounded) square. 
It's also very comfortable to wear, because it follows the shape of your finger knuckles more naturally than a round ring.

To be continued!