15 February 2011

purrfect interlude

So...what do you do when you're stressing out over your impending college exams?

- take cat pictures.
- cuddle cats.
- record purring! Here's Yin and Isaura. There should be relaxation CDs with nothing but cat purring! Although they do sound a bit like heavy engines, come to think of it...hehe.
- repeat as needed.
- pass exams. 

I did it ! I passed the 1st semester of Art History. Now on to the next...


  1. Congratulations! Now you deserve some rest and having fun. The cats are beautiful! I laughed when I heard them purring...:))))

  2. oooh, als ik da geluid hoor wil ik ook terug een poezevriendje, zo gezellig. :-D
    en superschattige foto's!