21 February 2011

sunsets & summer trees...

During the week of holidays after my college exams I was able to retreat to the studio for a couple of days, for the first time since September. I guess it's a good thing the studio is in Ronse and not in Ghent, or I would be there all the time instead of working for school! ;-)

As usual, I had many ideas, but I didn't have all that much time. So instead of rushing to try to realize those ideas, I worked on a couple of pieces that I had started in Feb. 2010, from a batch of glass cabs I had made in the summer of 2009. It was nice to finally get around finishing these! Or at least these three, as I didn't get to finish  the whole pile...

In other news, you can find them on Etsy!

I called this series essence (on flickr & etsy), because the organic shapes and colors remind me of moments of quietude... Which in these dreary & cold February days mostly means the warmth of summer to me, so here I am again with sunlight and green leaves! :-D And one starry night too.
sunny green trees brooch

starry night pendant

sunset earrings

glass cabs!


  1. wauw Kristien, het zijn weer echte pareltjes! Doet mij inderdaad aan de zomer denken mmm.
    :-)Heb je de sluiting van de broche zelf gemaakt?

  2. Dank je Jessy voor je lieve woorden! Ja, was het maar weer zomer... *trekt muts over haar oren en bibbert* Voorlopig dan maar een beetje wegdromen! Ja, de sluiting heb ik zelf gemaakt, het was eenvoudiger dan ik dacht -kijk maar eens op deze foto: http://www.flickr.com/photos/artemissne/5463833637 De speld heb ik van staaldraad gemaakt, da's eens zo sterk (zilver kun je ander ook uitharden, maar niet zo sterk als staal natuurlijk)!

  3. Oh, Kristien, it must be VERY exciting to work with glass! I've seen it only on TV and in a movie and I find there's real magic in the process! I suppose you missed your studio! Will you have more time for it now? I like very much the names that you gave to your beautiful jewellery!!