29 April 2009

anything but homework!

So Helium Vola released their new cd and it is awesome...a cover with rusty old grubby things, the crystal clear voice of Sabine Lutzenberger and the wicked vision of Ernst Horn who mixes medieval music and electronic avantgarde like it's nothing...
I saw him live at an accoustic Deine Lakaien concert a couple of years ago.

Meanwhile I'm drowning in homework, struggling to finish the report of my library training a month ago in the public library of Ghent...

So naturally I find time to make pictures of the blooming garden and the kitties. Hrmph. Better get back to it...

See ya.


  1. Dag Kristien,
    afgestudeerd zijn valt wel mee, maar ik heb nog steeds geen werk. Blijkbaar ben ik niet de enige met zo'n diploma!
    Die modules gaan rapper dan je denkt, dus geniet er maar van.

    9 mei kom ik wel nog eens naar de infodag ivm opleiding.

    Groetjes en veel succes,

  2. What lovely flower pics! I know all about procrastination. I spent 2 days avoiding taking my final exam, but I finally did it and I'm glad I have one less thing to worry about :)

    Your jewelry is stunning!

  3. oooh love the photo's I have photo envy!
    Taking pics of my stuff is my least favourite activity as it too hard! :)

  4. So enjoy your exquisite jewelry and photos ... keep growing and flowing .

    Of late luv the pucker up butter cup shots .