09 February 2009

...and a great day it was: dag van de ambachten 2009

So this was it then, a day dedicated to the arts & crafts at the generous hospitality of G & Q of Glassworks! See the pictures, taste the atmosphere... Didn't think we would get that many visitors and i even sold some of my pieces! That was a happy surprise, as I'm not a good seller and feeling sort of awkward when I have to talk about my own pieces. But it's so rewarding to see people fall in love with them! :-)

Griet & Quinton had organized it all, transforming the studio into a gallery, with arrow signs on the road leading you to it, up to roaring hot fire heater elements and yummy tea & soup for us hungry artists. And then they had their hands full with demo'ing and introducing people to the Wonderful Way of the Lampworking Artist! And the dogs, Edward & Emma, did a great job of course being just themselves... ;-)

And it was fun to meet Claudia, such a skilled lampwork and jewelry artist! Her work is so incredibly detailed and expressive, it is amazing! We did an earring swap at the end of the day and I chose this adorable pair with a tiny daisy on the one and a small green leaf on the other earring, and I haven't taken them off yet! :-D

I was happy to be there with my Mom, who took all the pictures and did so much behind the scenes...The day flew by so quick, so I forgot to take her picture of course! But I promised to make her a necklace instead. ;-)

Last/not least: I was also glad I was able to be up on my feet all day -which is still quite hard, energy-wise. I was dead-tired at the end but so far seem to have recovered well enough. I have to touch wood, but my chronic fatigue seems to be getting better, little by little. I've been feeling this for the last 6 months or so. I still have to be careful of course, but I'm so glad I don't have to keep condemning myself to a completely secluded, asocial life all the time! :-)

So, three cheers for the Dag van de Ambachten!

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  1. Je weet het nu meer dan ooit: "je bent een sterke vrouw!", samen met je Mama op een foto en diep in mijn hart! Ppa