21 May 2009

design museum Gent

I haven't had any studio time since February, since the silver necklace with the sprouty cabuchons and let me tell you, I'm starting to lose it! An eye that doesn't stop twitching, occasional mouth foaming and snarling... I stocked up on extra chocolate and strawberries to keep myself from becoming a danger to society. But I don't know what will happen when I run out...

Although I have to practice my patience a little longer, library school exams come first and the renovations in our home & studio in Ronse are nearly done...in less than a month it'll be all good again. And meanwhile I've been mentally preparing all those nagging, needy ideas, so when I'm able to set myself free in the studio it'll be quite the sight! ;-)

So last Sunday my friend Jessy met up in Ghent -she has a knack with organic and natural elements, turning them into her "Pure Creations", take a look at her Dawanda and blog! And if you happen to be in Kontich on Saturday, she'll be there at the Meifeest markt. ;-)

We hadn't seen each other in ages it seemed, so there was a lot of catching up to do over cappuccino, Moroccan food and my very favorite shop Phulkari. Which is in the same street as the Design Museum! The weather was a little too chilly to enjoy outside, so we decided to take a look at all the pretties and let ourselves be inspired...


  1. I know what it's like to feel frustrated sometimes. I'm glad I'm on a 3 week break between spring and summer semesters, since it's given me time to do a bunch of projects I had not gotten to do before. Your trip to the museum sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks Aly! It's a comfort to know I'm not alone. Enjoy your break and keep your creative juices flowing! :-D