22 February 2010

earth & moon

This weekend I finished the moon spirit, a sister to the earthy one I created this summer. I'm pleased with with the way she turned out: a silver halo with starry sprinkles (7 of them, not unlike Rossetti's Blessed Damozel...hehe). 

The TalentDevelop newsletter just had a piece on muses and creativity, and referred to a page on the history of daimons, genii and muses which fits right in here, with my little girls! ;-)

More on Flickr, also some work in progress photos.


  1. wauw, moon sister is prachtig! :-) xxx

  2. It's really wonderful! I wear it often and receive many compliments! I hope you had a beautiful summer...Greetings, J./Vocisconnesse

  3. Thank you Jessy & Jessica, how nice to hear! Love to you! :-)