10 May 2008

library school made me do it.

disclaimer: no books have been hurt in the making of this post.

wait -no, I lied...

I've become a serial book killer!

And the joy it gave me... :-p

Have a look for yourself.
See, I needed gift boxes for the art market I'm participating in in July. And I wanted something special, and totally me.

I had been thinking about it for a bit, and then suddenly it all came together: a friend who showed me how origami boxes were folded, I went through some boxes at the KANTL of books that were up to be dumped, I saved an unused 1956 journal from the dump as well (unrelated to the KANTL though), and I remembered some ancient music scores that I received years ago, as a heritage of an old lady who I'd never known. And when I got busy I added some cheapo Shakespeare edition to the mix! You know, the kind with paper yellowing the day after you bought it, and sloppy prints with words and passages left out or misprinted...I bought it years ago, so proud I had all of Shakespeare in one band....
So I cut all the books open (yay for old bound books & scores, as they are so much easier and neater to "dissect" than those bloody paperbacks!) and glued a merry collage on square newspaper leaves. Then I cut those collages in 4 and started folding them. (Are you tickled? I got my step-by-step video tutorial from here.)

These are a few favorites:

Le Petit Pischna. Believe me, I'm doing pianists all over the world a big favour by (graciously) getting rid of one of his scores. I've played it. (though not from this score, the remarks in crayon weren't for me. For once...)
The scores -in floppy oversized pre-1960 style- proved very easy to fold too, as if the pages had been waiting all this time to become an objet d'art like this... LOL

The 1956 journal. I saved from an old paper dump (I don't scavenge dumps all that much though, or at all! But it's just....if I see something that can be re-used I can't leave it.) I don't know why it appealed to me this much. But it was totally unused, apart from a few addresses and a calculation of telephone calls in the back. How mysterious! I don't know who it has belonged to.

The map of Northern/Southern Limburg (Netherlands/Belgium) from a lonesome tome on the 19th century history of the region.

No need to explain that one...

...and this is a close up of the stamp I had made. It's just so much fun to stamp things! :-p Not even a year working for the government and I've already developed a stamp fetish. Oh well... LOL


  1. Wow - what an excellent idea!! I love it and I really love your stamp!!

  2. Thank you, you have given me so much inspiration with your words and pictures. I particularly like your boxes. A friend recently gave me a necklace in a handmade box and I loved it; I just didn't think it was something I could do with my jewellery but what you have displayed has made me think again, it's just so personal. I have had a bit of a "crafter's block" recently and you've got my brain on the go again, thank you so much ;0)

  3. Thank you for your kind words, Melanie! :-) I'm glad it inspired you!