29 April 2008

Go Indiego!

Oh my, this is so exciting I need to tell you this right away: I got featured on Indiego! :-D
What the heck, you ask? Well, it's a free ad service run by Jesper and Katie for independant artists. You can sign up and get the opportunity to post up to 5 ads and in exchange you add the indigo widget to you site (as you can see in the side bar), which displays all its members in random order.
It seems so simple but I think it's really effective -Every time you visit this page (or hit the refresh button as I've done so many times... ;-) ) you discover a new artist. And I love the variety of artists and personalities and mediums and techniques...I made a bunch of pleasant discoveries!
I'm in this week's feature -it changes every week and so far we've had the pleasure to meet Morelle and SarasTextureCrafts through it...which makes me think, is there a possibility to read past features again? That would be nice...as these little interviews show what makes an artist tick (or read about a certain artist's food cravings, LOL)
Even though I didn't answer the question on inspiration...
Actually I'm still thinking about it! You remember last post when I mentioned the creative process...I've jotted down just some bits and pieces, in my special little notebook. :-p It's just not something to be answered lightly, and I'm thinking about how to put it in language...It's such a rich, multi-leveled idea. And our language can't really quite grasp it I'm afraid. But I'm working on it...let me get back to you on this!

Well, thank you for giving me this opportunity! :-)


  1. I chose you because I really liked your answers and can see you have commitment to your work. I really like to see that people that very committed to what they do and are not just focused on sales. Your site will definitely get more traffic and I hope you get more exposure :)

    P.S. Katie = morelle :)

  2. Congratulations!! Well done you! I'll have to go and have a look right now. :o)

  3. Hi Katie -I corrected and linked you to your site, sorry, in all my excitement yesterday I suddenly wasn't sure anymore.
    Thanks for the recognition, it means a lot to me! :-)

    Catherine, thank you so much! :-D

  4. Your work is superb ... congratulations on Katie's selection and appreciation ... your genuine passion and devotion deserve acknowledgement.


  5. that's so kind of you...thank you Terrence! :-)