27 April 2008

and I'm back!

After a week of being in my studio without being able to do anything in there (ok, I managed to work one afternoon...) due the house being renovated and turned upside down, I'm glad to be back home...

The house certainly is looking sooo much prettier now (& more importantly being way better isolated!) even though there were a few glitches. There's no front door at the moment. LOL. But that's being taken care of.

Next week is off to the KANTL for a spell, and then again back to Ronse (where the studio's at) the week after to paint the new windows. I'm sure I'll have more time to do some lampworking then!

  • OMG it's an octopus. And he's called Davy Jones! :-D I'm the very lucky winner of this wicked necklace by Glamasaurus! She's creates totally cute jewelry which she sells from her site and dawanda. Thank you so much, Andreanna! I'll be stalking the postman... ;-)


  1. Thanks for the mention and I hope you love the necklace!

  2. You're welcome and I already do! :-D I can always use more tentacles. Ahem.