13 April 2008

cat's eye murrini

So dear readers, this is how a murrini (a millefiori that doesn't look like a flower) is born... :-p Many thanks to my mom who patiently took the action photos...

Actually I don't have a picture of the first step because I only realized halfway through that I wanted some pictures of the process -it involved making a blob of black glass and pressing it into the pupil's form.
I layered it with a hint of pineapple sparkle (vetrofond) first and then lots of amber.

layering, keeping it hot, layering...oh -missed a bit! ;-)

actually only afterwards I realized this eye reminded me of something...hence the lolspeak.

melting, rolling, melting...

and we're pulling! weee!


Who's our cute little Sauron eye? :-p

Thanks for watching. ;-)


  1. Thanks for showing us how to make a Murrini!! It's really interesing and very entertaining! It looks really complicated, but I suppose you have to be confident and go for it.

    It really does look like Sauron - scarey!!

  2. Hi Catherine! You're welcome... :-D and I noticed you linked to me on your blog, thank you so much! I returned the favour (see "Friends & Heroes"). :-)

  3. Hiya! I'm so glad I found your blog its so interesting and fun! Its all so prettiful!

  4. thank you Kellie for your sweet comment! :-)