02 July 2008

...and the winner is:

Comment number 7, which proved to be by Annick! Woohoo, congratulations!!! :-D

And to the others, thanks so much for joining in!

This contest was such a fun thing to do, I enjoyed it very much... I should do this more often, don't you think? ;-)

And to more good news: my jewelry box has been found!!! With pretty much everything in it and intact! My mom heard it from a neighbour who knew the woman who had collected it & kept it untouched in her hall until my mom went to retrieve it... utterly amazing, isn't it? :-D
I will create something special for her... :-)

And now we're on this wave of fate and randomness, all sorts of luck: I found a bookcrossing book yesterday, in town! Completely by accident... One about an Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, in French...it has been traveling for 1 1/2 years, from the Auvergne in France. And I'm going to release it in the wild again very soon -you have guessed it: at the Markt van Morgen next week! (So I'm trying to read as fast as I can, LOL!)

And to finish, this is a little sneak preview for the market, starring my two models Trixie and Killer! :-p

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  1. Kristien Kristien Kristien ... I am absolutely wild about your precious jewels being found ... praise in the highest , holy gablonkers . I'm so happy for you .