25 June 2008

Dawanda blog feature! Markt van Morgen! FREE NECKLACE! new collections! mild panic! Endicott Studio! Dr Horrible!

Well, the title says it all...I've got nothing else to add. :-p

The awesome news is that the Markt van Morgen got featured on the Dawanda blog! It also got mentioned on the German and the French part (I'll include links when they become available) of the site, reaching a big bunch of people. This is so great! Many thanks to William & Elizabeth of the English side of Dawanda. (for the connoisseurs there's die Deutsche Seite & le site francophone...)

They were so kind to mention my shop only now of all times it's totally empty...what a sorry sight! Because of the jewelry box of course. Yes. You can imagine I've got a lot of preparation still to do, building up a whole new collection in such short time is...well, a challenge. Hence the mild panic...

Here's a sneak preview of what I've made so far: chunky stones, sparkly orange & goldfish and bubbly silver!

But having to start from scratch also pushed my creativity, in the meantime I've worked out not one but two new collections, one you can see in the picture: I planned out to create a lighter (also more affordable) version of the duizendbloem necklaces: a silver chain, two silver rings, two glass beads. But before I knew it had developed a mind of its own, forcing me to use these exciting, for my style daring colors & color combinations and bead shapes! So you see, creativity is a lot like a cat. It will just barely endure you and just act as it pleases... ;-)
Quite possibly I'll just call it Bubbles. (wait-now I'm suspecting I had a My Little Pony called that once. In a sense that's actually fitting...LOL)

The idea for other collection came to me on the day the Endicott Studio Blog closed down... it was only my most favourite blog! It is a gem. I'll give it more attention in my inspiration blog, droomtijd, when I find time.
I didn't know it at the time, so after I had that Aha!-moment of my collection I paid a visit to their blog and found out about it. Somehow it seemed to be connected: this site taught me about integrating myths and fairy and folk tales in art/literature from all over the world, and there I was with a collection I wanted to call fairy tale fragments!
It's funny how things want names. And names only come when they are needed. I had been making jewelry for it for some time, I knew what it wanted to be, but I couldn't find a name for it until then!
Silver is definitely the protagonist in it, mostly forged pieces and soon precious metal clay too, with glass and gorgeous precious stones as guest stars. The pieces don't tell the whole tale, they're just elements, but they'll weave into your own.

And then I smack myself for not having thought of this name sooner. It's so obvious. LOL.

And now... for some FUN!!! :-D To celebrate Spring! Oh wait, I mean Summer! The end of the school year! The Upcoming Art Market! Wednesdays! Dissapearing Jewelry Boxes! Just Because! ;-)

Here's your chance to win one of my necklaces! :-D

It's this one (click to see it almost life size) ::::::::>

It's all OOAK, completely handmade, annealed, tested, signed, blahblah. I made it from a collection of poor orphaned glass beads, some are the very first I ever made (wooo! keep it safe, someday it might be worth a lot!) (or not :-p ). I was a bit sorry for them, eclectic bunch not getting any love, not bad enough to throw out (I don't do that, btw, I keep them all!), not fitting in with the others either. So I strung them up with some quartz and suddenly they became this cheery necklace! Gone were imperfection and being the odd ones out!

So these beads are so much fun to wear and awaiting their new owner!

What you have to do to in order to have a chance is comment to this blog entry. There's time until next week, wednesday June 2, 20.00h CET (Central European Time). Please make sure I can contact you! (If you feel uncomfortable sharing your email address then mail me at kristien [at] aarghh [dot] com after you commented here) All individual commenters will have one chance!

An innocent hand (or better: an internet application) will select the winner. Good luck to you all!

And with these happy words I leave you to delve into my studio (again)... not emerging before the art market I suspect! (only 17 days left omg help!)

P.S. one last little thing: a teaser trailer for Dr Horrible ("Soon coming to a computer near you" LOL) ( if you love Joss whedon, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris) is up. Enjoy! :-D


  1. gerda.dekempe@telenet.beJune 26, 2008 at 3:32 PM

    Dag Kristien,

    ik wil wel een kansje maken op dat juweel van jou!
    groetjes, en als ik je niet meer zou zien, een fijne vakantie


  2. hallo

    succes en tot binnenkort
    ik kijk vol verwachting uit naar de uitslag van de wedstrijd !

  3. Hi sweetie, super spannend !

    Heel veel succes met de kunstmarkt !!

    Baby H gaf aan dat ik ook maar beter mee deed aan de online wedstrijd van zijn/haar godmother to be, dus voila !

    Warm hug
    Nele & Baby H

  4. ooooh een prachtig juweel is het geworden Kristien ! En al die kleurtjes , je word er echt helemaal goed gezind van! ;-)
    Ik hoop dat we dit jaar eindelijk nog eens op de markt van morgen geraken! Ik ken nog iemand anders die daar zal staan!

    Lieve groetjes en veel succes met je nieuwe creaties! ToiToi!
    Mireille xxx


  5. Hey Honey!

    De wedstrijd is een fantastisch idee, en wat een leuke kleurijke ketting, ik wil die 'weesjes' kralen zeker om mijn nek hangen hihi. :-) Alvast tot op de Markt van Morgen!

  6. Keitof idee :-D
    Ik zeg dit altijd maar jouw juwelen en de foto's die je ervan trekt zijn echt geweldig :-D

  7. Dag Kristien, de ketting geeft weer, hoe je bent : kleurrijk.
    Veel succes op de markt !

  8. hi Kristien! this necklace is so smashing! the colour combinations are just yummy! Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work!

  9. Hé medestudentje,
    als ik hem niet win wil ik hem wel bestellen. Laat me even weten dat dat kan. Succes met de markt. See you there. (tot morgen ;-) Els)

  10. Hallo Kristien,

    zelfs de regenboog en mijn bloemenhof verbleken bij deze vrolijke ketting!
    Succes op de markt van morgen!

    Groetjes, Marleen