08 June 2008

I got featured in the Dawanda Shop Directory blog!

Thank you Sara! :-D

-She works with textures, both in fabric and paper, has a shop on etsy, dawanda and her own site AND manages (among others) to maintain the Dawanda Shop Directory blog all by herself and writes for DIY City Mag!

Actually, I got featured last Monday but with the loss of my jewelry I didn't really feel like announcing this lovely news...

But now almost a week has passed and I had my final exam for library school yesterday (it went fine, thanks for asking!). I have also been creating some new necklaces and earrings last week for the"light" collection of duizendbloem...really needed to do that!

And no, the box and the jewelry is still missing and I shouldn't hope on ever finding it or getting it back. But at least I have pictures of most, and some of them were used in Patrick's photoshoot last sunday so at least I have something beautiful to remember them by. Luckily I'm not a materialist, although the whole thing has made me a cranky idealist. I miss them!

That said, I have an art market in a bit more of a month and I'm planning to make the best of it!

Oh, P.S. de schele Rosse is now called Jack, or even Jack the Sixth! He's doing better, although it will take a long time before his cut will heal.


  1. Yah Kristien ... you jump back good . ... keeping the idealist wand pulsin , cranky made me laugh ... but gotta let it out . What's the Sixth about ... known many Jacks ?
    Blessings on next month's art market ... and congrats on the Dawanda acknowledgement .


  2. Hi Terrence!
    It's actually a name my neighbours gave him: Stavros told me the cat looked like a Jack and Monique suggested a Roman name, Sixtus. And since I've been watching the Tudors I decided he looked best in something royal ...hence Jack the Sixth! All hail to our cat king... ;-)

  3. Hail to the cat who won't derail ... and to the savior of the wilds .