03 June 2008

oh. shit.

Please tell me this isn't happening...

It looks like I've lost my jewelry box yesterday, the one I brought to Patrick's photoshoot. The one with all the jewelry I had made thus far. Yup, quite a lot.

I refuse to believe it, but I can't find it back.

I know I had it before we left for the station, I know I put it on the car when my mom went to get her keys and I'm almost certain I put it in the car as well. I know I stuffed things in my backpack (which I had left in the car) and meant to put the box in it as well, but I'm drawing a complete blank as to what happened since...

Good news is though that when I got home I managed to catch de schele Rosse and my vet was able to operate on him right away. So I was busy with that all day. And de schele Rosse is fine and feels quite at home...

It was only this morning that I suddenly couldn't remember where I had put my box...

Let's hope I spectacularly misled it.

The strange thing is I didn't feel anything was wrong, I even was quite relaxed which doesn't happen that often...I usually check and double-check and still go through disaster scenarios in my head, but not so yesterday.


Can you help looking for a medium translucent light blue box please? Crammed with jewelry in seperate bags? Or pray I find it back? Thanks so much!!!

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