03 June 2008

nope, nothing.

Of course it wasn't at the lost & found both at the station and the police. And no, my name or address isn't on it, apart from my stamp on the silver (which just holds my initials). It wasn't meant to be anywhere but in my backpack.

In a way it's a compliment...LOL. Not to be brought to the lost & found right away. If I'd find a box full of mysterious jewelry I'd probably want to play with it for a bit first, before reporting it. And I'd be so decent to report it... not sure if I can expect the same from others. Well, the police have my phone number -I did what was needed.

And with that storm we had with heavy rainfall it might have been flushed away just as well. Seems also fitting somehow, being reclaimed by the earth...(sewers)(shh!)

I haven't made an inventory yet, because that would be really depressing. I'll have to shut down my Dawanda shop temporarily. Although I'm surprised it hasn't made me as mad & hysterical as I would have feared. It is only jewelry after all...
Maybe it can't beat my small victory in helping an old, toothless, defenseless ginger cat (who's now happily eating & napping here). Which sounds sappy but it does put it all in perspective.
Also, it's harsh, but I have a clean slate now. Working towards the art market in July I can develop my 4 collections equally and make a great whole.

Oh yes, I developed a fourth collection. I meant to tell you that under happier circumstances, which I will do in full tomorrow together with some other news when I'm less cranky.

And thanks for your thoughts...I appreciate it.


  1. Ahhhh Kristien ... with all the fabulous things you are doing for de schele Rosse , it would be fittingly kind that the universe locates your jewelery and leads it home ... I really feel for you . Just lit a candle , surrounded with a glass blown elephant and beautiful beads you made ... calling your precious family back home to you .

    blessings , Terricanto

  2. Thank you Terrence! That sounds lovely and might just do the trick...part of me is still in denial and I expect to find it sitting in front of me or something...

    I even looked in the fridge. Because that I'd understand, I'm daft enough to do that...but nope. But thanks for your efforts! :-)

  3. Kristien ... sending you a long lasting hug from afar ... blessings , Terrence