09 July 2009

meanwhile, at the studio:

(click for full size)

My creativity is slowly but certainly accelerating to full speed and not a moment too soon, because there's much work to be done! My little notebook (on the bottom right side) is bursting with scribbles and sketches and the to-do lists I've made make me slightly panicky...but I'm equally happy I can finally devote my time to my art, at least for the summer vacation.

The picture shows part of the microcosmos project. I've been lampworking some glass test "nods" and making some more green cell murrini that are going to be fused on those glass squares, and I've been searching for a neat stencil font for the text on the copper plates. Of course you all know what I'm talking about. ;-) Just bear with me, it will become clear soon...

Also, I'm about 1/4 librarian now. I would be excited if it weren't for the fact that the certificate we'll get at the end of the ride isn't enough to land a job. Due to our silly Belgian education system, adult education and evening classes don't equal regular education even if it's the same level. So in fact I should get a bachelor from somewhere else...and while I love studying, I really just want to do the glass (& metal) thing. I feel like I have plenty more to tell in those media and I'm not sure if I can put my creativity on hold for some more years of full time studying...What to do?

Well, to be continued...


  1. I know exactly what you mean, making a choice is never easy. But listen to your heart and follow your passion, it'll tell you what the future holds ;)

    And I'm looking forward to see some finished pieces of that microcosmos! Sounds fantastic!

  2. Wow, you are organized! I tend just to pull out my container of beads and make whatever comes out of my head that day.

  3. you have garnered many miles since I've known you ... I'd say you are way ahead of the slide and grade . Taking on so much ... and rising steadily .

    Must be a difficult time figuring if your schooling matches up to college style ... key is you are ascending by your own standards ... you know what you put into your creations and librarian pursuits . You seem to be someone who cares deeply whatever your engagement ... hope the world recognizes this .

  4. dear Kristien,
    I have the same problem, a huge do to list (really, 16 new handbags designs!) and any time for doing it!!! you have the summer now, great! I can not take holidays off my family! :) (well, I do not want to, but you figure it out!)
    I would LOVE to have more time to sew, my mind and notebooks are also so full of ideas... anyway, one day, one day after the other :)
    best wishes for you,

  5. Thank you all for your support! It means a lot to me. :-)