23 September 2010

summer pendants & autumn plans

Well, I'm home again after spending some time in the studio in August-September. It was much needed, and awesome. And as always, way too short. I could easily do with a month or so more studio time, just to finish what I've started...

But time's up and I have to keep my creative self in check... School is starting again next week and there will be no time for doodling. I can't believe I'm going back to college! (yes, again...) The time is finally here, and I'm giddy. :-D

And to celebrate, I'm doing a workshop in October with the talented Lotte De Mey on stone setting! Check out her unique pieces on Penelope's Verbs and her paintings (this is her portfolio). I adore her work and I'm really looking forward to the workshop!

And now for some pictures: this is what happened in the studio this summer!

A green goddess talisman:

green goddess


3 pendants

A delicate balance in pendants  & earrings:

a delicate balance

a delicate balance

a delicate balance

...Do you remember this ring?

growing ring

It has been sprouting crystals lately:

tube ring

...and something else all together, can you guess what this is?!

can you guess? :-D

tube ring


  1. Great new items! The new goddess amulet is amazing, even if my favourite is always my purple one :)I enjoy it a lot!
    I hope you enjoy my necklaces and items (the ones we trade).
    The rings are wonderful too, expecially the idea of including crystals!
    Cheers °V°

  2. I love the "delicate balance" pendants!!! I adore them! congratulations, Kristien, you got it again!

  3. The "green goddess talisman" and the "pebbles" are also gorgeous!