24 July 2011

been busy...

will the sun break through?
silver lining

...but all's well: passed my exams, spent some quality time melting things & creating in the studio, participated in a fun project, restocked my Etsy shop and now working on my 2 remaining exams, writing a paper on the oldest printed book (hint: it isn't Gutenberg's Bible!) and one on comparing Hokusai & Friedrich. Good times!

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  1. Hello! You've been really busy and it's nice to know that you are doing and have done a great job! Congratulations for the exams!
    Your post is such an interesting reading! I didn't know about the first printed book, so thanks for sharing.
    The little video shows so many people, making beautiful things, gathered together!
    Good luck with your future exams and have a lovely Simmer!:-)