25 April 2011

auf dem Wasser zu singen

a treasury on Etsy, in greens and blues, inspired by flickering water surfaces and tree groves, based on Schubert's song...

Drat, now I want to climb on a little boat on a lake and do nothing but float to the center, a foot in the water. And to get serenaded. But I'd better get back to the books... *sigh*


  1. mooie collage :-) en hihi, leuke dagdroom maar helaas back to reality!

  2. I'm sighing too! A nice dream, besides not an impossible one... I even didn't get out for a walk these days, although the weather's fine! I preferred to stay at home with my family and to have a real rest!
    A nice collage in green and blue...
    I wanted to tell you how much I liked your virtual tour in the V&A London Museum's Glass Section!Thank you! I especially liked the art of Toots Zynsky!! The feeling while working with glass must be very strong and beautiful! Good luck with your studies, Kristien!
    I hope you've had a wonderful Easter!:)