13 April 2011

glass heroes

A few weeks ago I was in London, visiting the V&A museum. What an inspiration! The contemporary glass section featured many of my glass heroes (mainly heroines actually!) and felt so happy to finally "meet" them...I didn't make a lot of pictures, but here's a little glimpse of all the beauty:

"lollipop"; design by Oiva Toikka & manufactured by Nuutajärvi glassworks

V&A - Schaechter
"Birdbath"a panel by Judith Schaechter (detail)

Colorbox 1-5 by Jun Kaneko

A vessel by Toots Zynsky which I forgot to take a picture of, but here's a wonderful video of her work process:

I forgot who made this gorgeous cast glass and can't find it on the V&A site... but look at the fantastic green hues and matte reflection! It could be a meditation piece...

And there was a Chihuly dangling in the hall...
V&A Chihuly

Not glass, but sheer poetry:
Lehti, in photo-etched brass by Maria Jauhiainen

I have some more photos at flickr. Sorry for the rather short post, but my college exams are coming up and I feel the heat...so it's back to the books for me. Wish me luck!


  1. wauw, heel inspirerend! en mooie foto's :-)

  2. Ja dank je! Ik had er nog wel meer willen maken, maar er was heel weinig licht in het museum (meestal gelukkig wel natuurlijk licht, maar sommige zalen zoals die van Japan en het Midden-Oosten waren echt behoorlijk donker), fotograferen mocht alleen zonder flits...