12 January 2009

Aarghh, the brand new Etsy shop! And a tiny rant.

aarghh.etsy.com: now how does that sound? :-D

So that's for a good start of 2009! Etsy "Your place to buy and sell all things handmade" is a marketplace for artists/sellers and buyers like Dawanda. Only American based, so everything's in dollars over there.

I'm gradually adding jewelry to it and I will probably start selling glass beads and murrini (my own, of course) on it too! It's just we had so little natural light here today that my pictures didn't really come out well, so for now there's only 1 necklace up. The rest will follow when I can do a better photoshoot!

And I had a little adventure on Facebook: participating in a discussion! Even expressing my opinion. Oh my! It must have been a first! :-p I don't usually do that, you see. I'd rather steer away from discussions and stand on the sideline, nodding politely to all the parties while thinking my own thoughts. But not expressing them, oh no!

- Well, it's on my to-do list of 2009: learn to speak up! I'm 30, for crying out loud! I think I can, right? LOL. Well it's never too late to learn... ;-)

Don't bother about the specifics -it was on animal abuse which is something I have very strong feelings about, so I had to step in (for once). I doubt it had much effect on the persons concerned but it felt good to give a voice to my thoughts in a constructive manner, not engaging in name-calling and anything. Even if I don't think they were into reasonable discussions whatsoever and they probably thrive on whatever attention they can get, be it positive or negative. Of course if I had the chance I'd go after them with an axe or so. Yes, that would be lovely! Axe-murder in the morning, tea in the afternoon: who's with me? People who hold so little respect for animals get the exact same amount of respect from me. Anyway, glad I learned from the experience and happily moving on!

19/1/2009 ETA: Yay! the FB lampworkers community stepped in too, mass-unfriending this person. Which seems right: it's the least we can do. Pity spaying and neutering isn't allowed on cat-haters...sure would solve the problem!

21/1/2009: just saw he removed the entire thread (I replied to). Typical! Well, I won't spill any more words on this sad little bully. But this whole thing did have a positive outcome after all: it brought a group of lampworkers closer!


  1. saw something you wrote about people who hate cats , I believe . You shared some refreshing comments which helped to balance their theme ... keep speaking up ... universe needs the input .

  2. Thank you, Terrence! :-) That's encouraging!

    Yeah, I did what I could I guess. But then I discovered that one of the admins had "quoted" me changing some of the text so my solution would encourage cruelty. When i remarked that he was being immature trying to draw me out like that, he deleted my reaction. Mighty admin that he was, he had the power! LOL

    Kinda funny & not surprising really how the admin of the cat haters group acts like a scaredy cat himself!

  3. "scaredy cat " quite fitting ... I like that . You strolled right in and busted up their hate party . Course they're gonna hide and cover ... not allow any credence to a balanced side ... their stuff was weak to begin with . Luv how you're getting courageous and stepping into the fire ... must be the tools of your trade .

    Never lose the fire in your heart .