22 January 2009

Goldsmithing at Syntra West: my course so far

my goldsmithing course  so far
Here are some of the results fo the 1st semester: on the left our assignments in brass and another alloy which name i always forget (it's the paler metal in which the bracelet and that one ring is made).

But now it is getting pretty interesting... designing a necklace on our own. Woohoo, now we're talking!
So you see those silver grains? That's the start. They are molten and poured into a mould for wire, and then that longish wonky clump gets rolled through the rolling mill until the wire gets the diameter it needs...

My chain design is a pretty simple one: just connected round loops with pins here and there. But of course those pins will hold glass cabuchons, and that's where the fun begins! ;-)

I'll try to update as I progress...

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  1. Ziet er al fantastisch uit! veel succes met de ketting ik ben benieuwd naar het resultaat :-)
    btw: vandaag ook terug een poging gewaagd om glasparels te maken, heb niet lang kunnen werken, werd misselijk van de gas...maar ik ben eens benieuwd naar het resultaat, want het was al even geleden en met zo'n hobbybrander is het altijd spannend of er iets van terecht is gekomen LOL. Kus Jessy