16 March 2011

birthday bash give-away!

This is the first birthday in years where I'm not a. ill, b. starting an internship or c. starting a new job, so it's time to celebrate! I'm turning 33 today so that's an excellent excuse to spread some infection love... ;-)

First, consider this collage by the awesome Jenn of Venus Envy Art:

yes, you have been infected...mwahaha

Look how happy they are, running and screaming in joy with their newly found infections... This could be you! :-D
Yes, I'm giving away a set of 3 glass pins from the Infected! series!

All you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog and let me know what you'd love to be infected with! You have 4 choices: viruses and bacteria, but also very nice cells and blood cells. Have a look at Etsy or Flickr to get some inspiration...

I will announce the winner on March 30th, so comment away! :-D Good luck!

still sleepy
Isaura in late sunlight
On a side note, would you consider signing this Petition for a spaying/neutering policy for stray cats in Ghent - the animal rescue where I got Isaura from (you can see more of her here) issued this petition to raise awareness about this -right now the city doesn't have a policy and stray cats are mostly all euthanized...This has to stop! Neutering/spaying combined with resocializing and finding new homes for the cats is a humane solution. This is what volunteer organizations like Kat zoekt thuis do, but with very little means or government funding. We're far from a decent general policy concerning stray animals here in Belgium, but every little helps, even if it's just a signature. Thanks!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kristien! Let love, good luck and health be always with you! I wish you exciting new projects and happy moments with your beautiful art!
    Your giveaway is so beautiful! If I win, I would be happy to wear some of your cells /but, please, not in blue, because I don't have clothes in that colour!:)/

  2. I adore all bacteries and viruses as it seems I attract them always my self, i'm sick most of the time but i wouldn't mind to get infeckted by these little critters! Love the bloodcells and bacteria , i like them all! all those nice collors! ..
    Lots of hugs!
    Again , happy Birthday

    Ps Still no green earrings in the mail! :-(

  3. Thank you Rossicka! Noted: no blue, but other pretty cells!
    Mireille, I sent you an email. :-) Hopefully you get better soon!

  4. Again another wonderful creation Kristien!
    I'm a big FAN!
    Love the infected series!

  5. woohoo, i love give-aways! mmmm, it's difficult to choose, but i can use more cells please ;-)

  6. Oh, I would love some viruses! Infect me!! :)

  7. Happy birthday! *throws arrggh in the air*
    I just came across your work via the charity shop! Love it & would love to be infected as I haven't been ill this year yet! :) Cells and blood cells sound great! :)

  8. haha....love that ad! :-D

    like Jessy, I need some cells. :) definitely. definitely need some cells.

    pesonally, i can't wait to see your next glass project: the DNA double helix giveaway! lol

    (ps - i've taken a page from your book - now i have even MORE to say in my new blog! i think you can follow the link but if not, go to www.venusenvyart.blogspot.com - come say hi :)

  9. Monique lets me know via email that she "would like to be infected by an incurable virus that changes me in a cat when at my command"

    Will do, my dear! ;-)

  10. Maaike lets me know via email: "Love, love, LOVE the red blood cells!"
    Thanks dear! :-D

  11. Marjorie lets me know via email: "Infect me with a Virus Kristien! =D) Mx"

    If that's your wish, dear Marjorie... ;-)

  12. I would love to be "infected" LOL

  13. What a neat idea- first visit here and really enjoyed looking around.
    As for the cute choices- Viruses all the way, they are too cute and colorful. Happy belated birthday!

  14. Thanks Meredith! And thank you all for playing! :-D