08 March 2011


I've been infected!!! Oh noooooooooo, what to do? They're all over me!! Get them off! Get them off! HELP! HELP! Help. HELP!!! HELP! H...

You know what, you could help me, actually...

Why eh...won't you take some of this infection and eh... spread it yourself? Eh? Eh? Nudge-nudge, wink-wink?

There's a fine choice of viruses:
infected! viruses

And bacteria:

Or maybe you prefer these lovely blood cells:
infected! red blood cells

There are even white ones:
infected! white blood cells

And just really cute cells:
infected! cute little cells

Who knew getting infected was so much fun? And spreading the infection even better?!


It's no use resisting, these are cells and viruses and bacteria that you'll actually want to show off.


Brought to you by yours truly in a healthy fit of of silliness. All infectious goodness on Etsy and Flickr!


  1. I laughed, while reading the post! I like especially the cells and the viruses! I expect a lot of people to be infected by... the beauty, you created!:-)

  2. Hehe, grappige foto! Maar wat zijn ze mooi, en het is een erg origineel idee :-)
    De pin die ik van jou heb gekregen, in welke 'categorie' viel die nu weer? Dan weet ik tenminste door wat ik geïnfecteerd ben hé :-p

  3. Hihi thank you both, glad you like it! :-D

    Jessy, jij hebt een van de allereerste virusjes (de andere reageerden niet goed met dat lichtgevend poeder dus heb ik het over een andere boeg gegooid)

    Jij hebt dus een retrovirus! :-S :-p