20 March 2011

ghost cat

ghost cat
ghost cat!
...or how a full moon sheds light on the netherworld as well. Or not? Jack -yes, Jack!!- came by on his daily nightly walk and obligingly posed for about half of the shutter time of the camera.

He's by the way fully recovered from his scary face wound.  Two years ago I was able to lure him into my house when he was wounded and wild, and get him to the vet to get treated (and neutered as well...). When he came back he settled at my friend & neighbour's house and became a happy, food loving cat. For some reason he's not too keen to visit my home again, LOL! Too many veterinary memories... ;-)

1 comment:

  1. hihi, leuke foto. en jawel ook katten hebben een olifantengeheugen ;-)